Biwe International launches seminary series „Implementation of Dual Vocational Education and Training (IDVET)“

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To increase competitiveness of companies and reduce youth unemployment, stakeholders in many countries are interested in implementing elements of the Dual Vocational Training System into their local vocational education and training (VET) structures. 

This challenging task requires a combination of pedagogical, career-specific, management-related, negotiation, sales and intercultural competencies.

The seminary series launched by Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft International (BIWE International) was developed with the support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and sequa gGmbH by our three colleagues Marco Lietz (Biwe Karlsruhe), Klaus Jaissle (BBQ Heilbronn) and Max Bresch (BBQ Böblingen). 

The target group of the seminary series are managers and directors as well as future managers and directors from the vocational education and training sector, companies, chambers and related government institutions, as well as prospective international experts from international vocational training cooperations.

The offer consists of 19 modules of 2 hours duration each. It can be delivered online and in presence and is currently available in German, English and Spanish. 

Beispiel Module 5 – Selection and approach of companies


1. Simulate a phone call to get an appointment in a company. 
- One participant simulates the company employee who receives the call, one (or the trainer) tries to get the appointment. 
- If he/she only gets the permission to write an email, simulate the follow-up call one week later as well

2. Pre-formulate a short introduction letter for your director to the CEO of a company to ask for a meeting to discuss the advantages of dual vocational training for the company. 

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Head of International Projects
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Implementation of Dual Vocational Education and Training (IDVET)